Vegan Comfort Food

Comfort food with a twist! 

There are certain foods that remind us of our childhood and can make us feel happy whenever we eat them. Think of a warm Reuben stuffed with pastrami, melty cheddar and lots of creamy Russian dressing, a succulent rib sandwich dripping with spicy BBQ sauce, or a fluffy cinnamon scented roll slathered with thick swirls of sweet frosting….

At Zoi’s, we want to make sure that you can indulge wisely and never have to give up the traditional comfort foods you love! Our plant based versions of these nostalgic, traditional favorites are as good as you remember, while also being healthier for you, better for the animals and the planet!

After all, I don’t know of anyone who chose to become vegan because they hated the taste of cheese, bacon, or pizza…they simply don’t like how those foods get on their plate.

Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting

scrumptious pastries and sweets

Cashew Blue

delectable Plant Based cheeses

BBQ Rib Sandwich with Creamy Rainbow Slaw

Finger-licking Sandwiches

Zoi’s Vegan Food Truck

Coming SUMMER 2021!

We strive, not only to make the most incredible vegan food, but also to make a difference for the animals that we share this planet with.

Profits from Zoi’s food truck will go towards our ultimate goal of creating an animal sanctuary where the animals can live a peaceful & happy life without fear of ever being exploited or harmed in any way.