Vegan Comfort Food

Indulge Wisely!

No one has ever said, “I am going vegan because I hate the taste of ice cream…pizza…cheese.” They simply don’t like how these foods get on their plate.

Our mission is to create a menu so daring and delicious that “vegan” is just an unexpected bonus!

At Zoi’s we go beyond the typical vegan fare, to bring you the traditional comfort foods you already love, just made entirely plant based! Our dishes are fresh & healthy, and made with evident love and care, with a strong focus on local, organic and sustainable ingredients. 

With tantalizing options such as perfectly spiced gyro wrapped in fluffy pita and topped with creamy tzatziki, or Buffalo “chicken” sandwiches drizzled with our aged vegan Gorgonzola sauce, Zoi’s goal is to prove that you never have to give up your favorites. Our plant based dishes are just as craveable and comforting as their animal based counterparts, while being healthier, more sustainable and completely cruelty free!

Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting

scrumptious pastries and sweets

Cashew Blue

delectable Plant Based cheeses

BBQ Rib Sandwich with Creamy Rainbow Slaw

Finger-licking Sandwiches

Zoi’s Vegan

Comfort Food Truck

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